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September Beauty box 70% off

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Good month, good Autumn, may you all be in good health and enjoy this time of year, which may bring some sadness as summer is over, but this season also has its own graces.

We continue with the beauty box, as it has a great response from you and we prepared this one for September. We remind you that our own beauty box does not include tiny or promotional samples, but also stock products, which are out of season and are also boring.

The products will be in their normal size, carefully selected and up to date.


The September beauty box includes:


1. Lift Repair Serum Abeauty


Face serum with high lifting power.


Thanks to Sagrantino grapes, the richest in polyphenols, this serum has a restorative and filling effect on wrinkles. It also counteracts the loss of skin tone, redefines the oval and straight lines.


It helps in a short time to fill wrinkles giving a young and bright appearance.


Suitable for all skin types, it is applied following the lines of expression, before using the face cream of the same line.

















Foaming Scrub


Olivaloe foaming exfoliating gel, with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, wheat proteins and olive kernel grains.

Suitable for face and body. With the help of olive kernels, dead cells are removed and thanks to its other ingredients it revitalizes and cleanses the skin, leaving it with a pleasant sense of freshness and softness.






Whitening face cream for dark spots & blemishes



A unique combination of herbal active ingredients and extracts that helps your skin to acquire an even colour.

Whitening face cream SPF20 with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, allantoin and SPF 20. It helps reducing dark spots and blemishes. It constantly improves skin brightness by gently removing dead cells. 


Contains a combination of herbal active ingredients and extracts that suspend the skin's melanin production and as a result the skin gradually acquires an even colour tone, as well as radiance and youthful look.


Can be applied spontaneously or all over the entire face





                                  HOW TO GET IT


In order to get the beauty box, you will have to make purchases worth € 70 from biobella throughout the month.


* The beauty box is not combined with other offers or discounts of the store

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