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5+1 reasons to use organic beeswax creams

Posted by 30/10/2021 0 Comment(s) General,

5+1 reasons to use organic beeswax creams

1. Bee wax has softening properties and is highly moisturizing. This helps the skin to have a soft and elastic structure, giving it the necessary moisture.

2. It contains antibiotic and antiseptic substances and has healing effect. Thus, cherrying is particularly effective on the skin that presents acne, rashes and pimples.

3. Bee wax is also known for the anti-inflammatory substances it contains. It is therefore very healing and helps to treat skin wounds, eczema and any kind of dermatopathy.

4. In combination with the olive oil contained in the cranberry, skin products are created which are very rich in antioxidants and vitamins and nourish our skin, strengthen its elasticity, and replenish the precious lipids of the skin.

5. Candy and all natural cosmetics containing wax and olive oil (or other oils, such as almond oil), as they contain no water in their composition, do not require any preservative or chemical addition to preserve them. They are therefore the ultimate natural product with ingredients that nature has given us.

6. Sprouting is also well-known for its excellent anti-aging activity. As the beeswax is particularly moisturizing and healing, it offers our skin the necessary moisture, which is lost over time, causing skin dehydration and wrinkle formation. Also, its healing action smoots the signs of time and gives our skin its lost glow

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