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How to deal with lice in a perfectly natural way.

Posted by 01/08/2022 0 Comment(s) Health - Well Being,


How to deal with lice in a perfectly natural way


Lice, these little annoying parasites, who are used to visiting pre-school children, sometimes "terrorize" their parents.

Their transmission can be made by direct contact of children (head-to-head), or by the sharing of some objects (combs, hats etc) and has nothing to do with personal hygiene, as lice seem to prefer clean heads.


But their treatment can and must be done in an absolutely natural way. This is because the chemical, toxic anti-obesity drugs that widespreadly cause very often dermatitis and irritation to the sensitive scalp of the children's head.


Bioaroma's natural, baby lotion contains essential oils of tea tree, cinnamon and eucalyptus, and can be used both prophylactically and suppressively for the treatment of lice. It does not grease the hair and leaves a distinctive and pleasant scent.


At  bio bella store you can find a great variety of natural-organic cosmetics, as well as  other baby care products with pure ingredients, without chemical additives and without animal experiments.

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