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Give your eyes the attention they deserve!

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Give your eyes the attention they deserve!


"Eye is one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. At a glance, it can relay the most intimate message. "After the link, the words cease to exist.

Jennifer Saaley


1. The Color Code
Care of your eyes starts with your diet. Do you think carrots, right? Surely, carrots help greatly, but the health of your eyes can benefit from an even more powerful set of super-vegetables.

Prefer green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, greens and broccoli. These super foods have more carotenoids than a carrot, which your eyes will love! Sweet potatoes, apricots and melon are some other choices.


2. Boost the intake of antioxidants to reduce the risk of developing eye conditions and cataracts due to age.
Plant nutrition is ideal for the intake of Vitamin C.
Fresh fruits and vegetables such as papaya, melon, strawberries, green peppers, oranges and grapefruit are fantastic sources of antioxidant rich vitamin C.

As for vitamin E, you will find a great deal of almonds, sunflower seeds and peanuts. Also, zinc is just as important because it can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of light (black peas, beans, peanuts ...)


3. Avoid applying make-up and skin care products containing unpleasant chemical ingredients.
Eye shadows and mascara, which are undoubtedly the essential tools of every woman for a seductive look, should not irritate your eyes. Organic products from Lavera & Benecos offer the ideal result without causing allergies and irritations to the eyes, and of course not weighing them and tiring the look!



4. Do not forget the sunglasses!
Your eyes need ultraviolet protection just like your skin. Even with a diet rich in zinc and antioxidants, the protection provided by sunglasses is essential to avoid harmful sun rays.


5. There is one last thing, as necessary as your natural, organic makeup, that you should never neglect !!
Before you lie down in the evening on your bed, apply a wrinkle-anti-wrinkle eye cream to the eye area. They contain organic oils, vitamin E and natural hyaluronic acid that enhance and replenish fine skin around the eyes.



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