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summer food tips

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Although our weather has spoiled us, we are not in a hurry and we are ready for our excursion to the beaches.

However, in order to enjoy ourselves in the summer, without sunburns and extra pounds, because many of the temptations, we give you some dietary advice below, by our dietician-nutritionist, K. Apostolos Theocharous


"Nutritional advice for summer


* If you are on the beach there is no excuse I did not find anything to eat and I missed my meal ... Take care of having a snack in your bag before. Like biscuits, cereal bars, breadcrumbs, unsalted nuts, fresh or dried fruit, toast, pasteli or even 1 can of juice.


* There is always the option to change your dinner with your lunch, that is to eat on the beach 1 juice or 1 baguette toast and in the evening to eat your main meal.


* Drink plenty of water and avoid the many coffees, energy drinks and alcohol that in the end all they do is dehydrate you.


* Whether during your bath or after eating a lot of fruits, especially you who take sunbathing hours. Sunbathing loses the meaning of the word when it is over for a few minutes and it does not cure anything ... the opposite, the skin ' burns "the vitamins of your body to protect it from the sun's rays!


* Move and do any form of exercise, but do not be lazy ... {(racquets, swimming, walking, beach-volley, golf (not for that), sex (for the wicked)}


* And the key ... NO clubsandwich or burgers for your lunch, mercy (1000 kcal the club) ... !! "


Of course, in addition to the above, we should not forget, and the daily use of sunscreen products, especially in the summer months where the sunshine is intense and the face and our body are constantly exposed to the harmful sun rays.

It is sure that you will love the Biobella natural-organic sunscreen products too, as with the valuable organic ingredients they contain and with their frequent use they prevent the premature aging of the skin and the other devastating effects that skin exposure can cause in the sun.

Following the above tips, it is certain that you will be able to enjoy the sun and the sea carefree!





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