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6 beauty tips against hair loss

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Welcoming Autumn and changing season, we are changing our habits.
Our skin, our body and our hair in particular, are directly affected by the changes of the seasons, which is why we notice a lot of hair loss in the fall of the autumn.

Our hair is dull, dull and tired and we need to help them to protect and prepare them for the cold season.

The causes of hair loss? Many & various ..

From our excessive exposure to the sun and sea salt, to poor nutrition, fatigue after holidays and stress.
Of course, we must always keep in mind that hair loss is something quite natural, as it is renewed.
On a daily basis, on average we lose about 50 hairs, which is perfectly normal.
In the fall, however, hair loss increases considerably and lasts about 6 weeks.
Can we deal with it? Of course!

Follow these tips:

1. Use a strengthening shampoo from natural extracts and essential oils.
Daphne, Rosemary, Aloe, are just some of the basic ingredients of tonic shampoos that can strengthen the root and strengthen the hair shaft, resulting in longer hair life.


2. Do not bathe more than 2 times a week.
Shaving makes hair clean and beautiful. Excessive shampooing has negative effects, however, because it removes the protective oils that exist in your hair and to compensate for this loss, the scalp produces extra oils giving you that greasy feeling in your hair.


3. Use a natural hair mask to stimulate, nourish and rebuild your hair and avoid styling products.
Gel, foam and lacquer may be responsible for the gradual build-up of fatty surfaces and hence the need for more frequent shampooing.


4. Once a week, apply a hairbrush to their edges, but also to the scalp making a gentle massage. Let it act for a long time and then go for a walk.
It strengthens the scalp, giving your hair silky shine and liveliness, without weighing it while avoiding annoying frizz, a phenomenon that is particularly intense in the winter months.


5. Boost your diet with foods rich in protein, such as fish, chicken and legumes, red meat, nuts and eggs.
These foods are involved in the synthesis of amino acids and as our hair root is composed of amino acids, they can greatly help to reduce hair loss.


6. Choose products free of chemical ingredients. Physical-biological products are free of softening agents.

And remember: Hair is a living organism and has a life cycle!
I will inevitably pass from the stage of birth, ripening and falling ...

But taking care of your hair with the right natural products, you can minimize your hair loss and your hair is bright and healthy, silky and soft to the touch.

Besides, your hair is your beauty!


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