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Maskne: How to deal with the problems of using a mask

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Maskne: How to deal with the problems of using a mask

"Maskne" the new term that Covid-19 added to our daily lives and more specifically to skin care.

In the effort of scientists in order to limit the spread of Covid-19, one of the proposed solutions is the use of a mask.

At the same time, however, there are "collateral losses", such as the appearance of acne, "Maskne".

The term "Maskne" was coined from the combination of the words mask + acne. This is a type of acne that develops on the face and specifically around the mouth and chin.

It can also occur on skin that is not sensitive and has never had a similar problem.

Note that the American Academy of Dermatology (A.A.D) recently issued guidelines to address the problem.


               How "Maskne" is caused

The mask that is used for a long time, rubs on your skin, does not allow it to breathe, retains moisture and sebum, as well as various bacteria that grow in the hot and humid environment created by its use.
So, the pores of the skin become clogged and pimples are created, especially if you do not wash your face properly or do not use a new mask often.



                     How to protect yourself


We here at biobella want you to stay beautiful, of course, without problems and we have gathered some tips to prevent the appearance of "Maskne".

So protect your skin and create a barrier between it and the mask.

1) Try to use sunscreen during the day, as they not only protect against UVA & UVB rays, but also protect against the growth of bacteria.

It is always recommended to use sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and are completely hypoallergenic. (Sunscreen Face Cream). The molecules of these components are not absorbed by the skin and thus do not affect the human body.




2) Not in make-up or use the right products?

You know that when you wear makeup all day, it can clog your pores. When you wear it with a mask, the damage can be even greater.

So it is time for those of you who have not discovered it, to replace the usual products with natural, organic makeup.

For example, the Zao Make-Up team created quality makeup products with ethics and passion, based on the principles of sustainable development. You no longer have to choose between quality and organic makeup, as Zao Make-Up uses formulas that are both successful and conventional cosmetics, while respecting your nature and health.





3) Carefully cleanse your face, perhaps earlier than the end of the day and before going to bed. Once cleansed at least twice a day, make sure your cleanser does not dry out your skin as this will makes things worse.

Use organic and natural products, which thanks to the ingredients they contain, deeply cleanse the skin, without irritating it, removing sebum and makeup residues, while at the same time soothing your skin.



4) Finally in the evening cleansing routine of your face, use the Abeauty Oil-Balancing & Anti-Acne Balancing Serum

A gel rich in cleansers and astringents that combines extracts of Thistle, Burdock and Lemon and balances oily skin, shrinks pores, leading to healthier, cleaner and more refined skin.




So the masks came into our lives for good and according to what the scientific community tells us, at least for this winter they will be necessary.

For less chance of developing "Maskne", it is better to use a cotton or silk mask, in order to reduce facial friction and irritation. The cotton breathes better and so there is a better flow of oxygen in the area of ​​the mask.

For clean masks, use the Natural Antiseptic Mask Spray. The new product of the Italian company Argital, the Antiseptic Space and Mask Spray, which bases its effectiveness on the action of 4 elements.



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