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Serum and skin: The coexistence of beauty

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Serum and skin: The coexistence of beauty


In recent years, serum has emerged as one of the most popular skin care products. The serum can provide shine, hydration and anti-aging action.

Serum has become an integral part of many people's daily beauty routine. Let's explore exactly what serum is and how it can benefit the body.

What is Person Term?

A facial serum is a powerful skin care product that targets specific skin issues such as dryness, wrinkles, redness or uneven skin tone. It usually contains rich, effective skin care ingredients that provide specialized benefits to the skin. Serum formulas are usually thinner and gentler than moisturizers and contain more, concentrated ingredients.

In your daily skin care routine, facial serums are used to provide a rich combination of care ingredients that promote overall skin health.

Facial serums are concentrated formulas that help treat specific skin problems. By choosing a face serum that suits your skin type, you can improve the appearance and texture of your skin and reduce the problems you want, such as redness, enlarged pores, dryness or signs of aging.

Designed to penetrate deep into the skin, the serum contains a high concentration of active ingredients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

How Does the Serum Work?

1. Hydration and Nourishment:

Serums offer intensive hydration to the skin. Hyaluronic acid and plant extracts are often key ingredients that retain moisture, improving skin texture and leaving it soft and hydrated.

2. Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle:

Antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol are often combined in serums to combat free radicals that cause aging. They help in cell renewal and skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Shine and Smoothing:

Some serums contain agents that improve the appearance of the skin, making it brighter and more even. These agents can reduce blemishes and bring out the face's natural glow.

The Benefits of the Serum to the Body:

1. Healthy Skin:

The serum helps maintain healthy skin by providing hydration and nourishment.

2. Free Radical Protection:

Antioxidants contained in serums protect the skin from free radicals, preventing damage and premature aging.

3. Revitalization and Renewal:

The active ingredients contribute to cell renewal, promoting a healthy skin regeneration cycle.

Do you need both serum and moisturizer?

Serum and moisturizer serve different purposes in your daily skin care routine. The serum is designed to address specific skin concerns, while the moisturizer provides comprehensive hydration.

How to apply the serum before or after the moisturizer?

In your daily skin care, always apply the face serum before the moisturizer. This is because of the general rule of thumb to sort your skin care products from lightest to heaviest formulas, and serums always have lighter, more runny formulas compared to moisturizers, which are usually thicker and more nourishing. Apply a few drops of the serum to the skin and wait for it to absorb before applying the moisturizer.

When should I start using a face serum?

There is no specific age to start using a face serum. As you enter your 30s, you may notice changes in your skin that could lead you to use a face serum. However, you can also use a face serum during your teens and 20s to help your skin look and feel better.

It's never too late to start using a face serum! Whether you're in your 40s, 50s, 60s or even older, you can enjoy the benefits of adding a concentrated serum to your skin care routine for magical skin at any age!

Should I use a serum daily?

Yes - Daily use of a facial serum is recommended to keep your skin hydrated and silky. Add a face serum to your daily skin care routine to give your skin a supercharged combination of care ingredients before applying moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning, and before night cream and face oil in the evening.

Why is a serum more expensive than a moisturizer?

Serum is usually more expensive than a moisturizer because of the high concentration of active ingredients it contains. Serums usually contain highly effective, specialized formulas designed to address specific skin issues, such as dryness, wrinkles, or uneven skin tone.

For an ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin, it must have a low molecular weight, making its processing more complicated and expensive, thus increasing the overall cost of the product.

In addition, the production process of serums is often more complicated and requires more specialized know-how. High-quality ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, often found in serums, also contribute to the higher cost of the product. However, the high concentration and effectiveness of serums make them essential for those looking for specialized skin care.

How to Apply the Serum:

A small amount is required during application, as their light texture ensures maximum effect with just a few drops. Apply the serum to the face with gentle movements, allowing the drops to interact with the skin through small strokes or harmonious grinding movements, without massaging the face, as the serum is already extremely penetrating.

Tip: When applying, don't forget to extend your routine to your neck and décolleté, giving them the same attention and care you give your face.

The serum, therefore, is a modern ally for the health and beauty of the body. With continued use, it can provide visible results, helping the body to bring out its natural glow and combat the effects of aging

Prefer serums with natural-biological ingredients, which will not burden your skin with chemical additives and are made just like your skin, of course!


Let's look at some of the ingredients that biobella serums contain:

Collageneer® an anti-aging and firming ingredient that stimulates the synthesis of a high-quality collagen (HSP47) to increase elasticity and firmness in the skin, helping to reshape the contours of the face.

Complex of ECF vitamins, with antiaging and antioxidant properties where the synergistic effect of vitamin E and C is the elimination of free radicals.

Elichrysos, the plant of eternal youth, contributes to tissue regeneration and delays aging thanks to its powerful cell-regenerative action.

Hyaluronic: is an essential ingredient in skin care. It is a natural substance found in the human body, mainly in the skin. Its role in skin care is important, as it increases moisture and helps maintain elasticity and firmness.


Hyaluronic acid acts as a moisturizing agent, attracting water to the skin cells and maintaining moisture at the epidermal levels. This helps reduce wrinkles, boost firmness and improve skin texture. In addition, hyaluronic acid helps to treat dry areas, providing softness and hydration.


It is commonly added to skin care products such as serums and creams, offering a valuable ally in the quest for healthy, hydrated and youthful skin.


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