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Sun protection: Everything you need to know…

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 Sun protection: Everything you need to know…

Summer is here and the first freckles, freckles, spots make their appearance again. Our skin begins to "take on color" as we say.

We sweat more and often neglect the renewal of our sunscreen, especially when we are on the beach.

 And this insignificant omission costs us irritations, skin aging and even more serious skin diseases due to sunlight.

Our health and the health of our skin is much more important than the sunburned face that is often projected as a standard model of beauty. (It is good to remind us of it here and there and always with love for ourselves.)

Therefore, our sun protection is as we understand and know for several years more necessary than ever. It's not just an extra product in our grooming routine. It is probably the most necessary product especially this season and to have a beautiful and safe summer.

Of course, the eco-friendly lifestyle can not be missing from the options of our sunscreens. And what does eco - friendly natural - biological - organic sunscreen mean? Let's see.

Are there any natural sunscreens?

 Natural sunscreen is a category of sunscreen that does not contain any chemical compositions, alcohol, dyes, parabens and other ingredients.

It is created from exclusively natural ingredients of good quality such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, aloe, carrot oil, etc. It should not usually be exposed to the sun because its composition is altered and kept exclusively in the refrigerator.

They are extremely rare in the market and we usually find them in dark glass bottles or jars in limited availability and not in stores.

The truth is that they are quite hard to find but also somewhat dangerous we would say if their raw materials are not of excellent quality as there are risks of allergies, oiliness, itching, etc.

Let's see now what are the biological - organic sunscreens as well as what is their difference from the so-called "chemical sunscreens".

What are organic sunscreens?

Closer to the natural composition that we described above are the 100% organic - organic sunscreens with as many natural ingredients as possible without chemical additives but also with natural sun protection filters that have the respective certifications.

In order for a product to be defined as organic - organic, it must have certifications in terms of its ingredients but also as a final product.

 And what exactly do organic - organic sunscreens offer to our skin?

1. They have a natural composition without dangerous ingredients that are often found in sunscreens with metal and chemical filters. Some dangerous ingredients in chemicals as we say sunscreens are lead, ammonia, silicone, parabens etc.

2. They protect our skin from UVA & UVB rays the same, ie with chemical sunscreens but in a natural way.

3. They are absorbed quickly and we do not have to wait at least 30 minutes before our sun exposure.

4. Organic sunscreens contain natural ingredients mainly from minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

5. They smell great because the main ingredients are products of nature such as shea butter, coconut oil, etc.

6. They leave a feeling of hydration on our skin due to the organic aloe and other ingredients based on water and flower water.

7. Finally, because of the natural active ingredients they contain they are effective in a natural way that does not burden our skin, nature and of course animals.

At you will find a wide variety of 100% organic sunscreens for the face, body, hair, for the whole family but also children's sunscreens for our little friends.

 Extra tip: We do not forget the sun protection of our lips with an organic sunscreen stick that not only protects our lips from the sun but also offers them natural hydration.




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