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Velvet Heels in 4 simple steps

Posted by 02/02/2023 0 Comment(s) Body - Face,

Summer time, it's just around the corner and the feet need immediate care to welcome it! Our legs as they carry our weight and support our bodies often present some problems. One of the most common is the cracked heels.
"At first there may be nothing but a nuisance and an aesthetic problem, but when the slits or cracks become too deep, they can get infected and bleed," says the podiatrist, Manos Arvanitakis.
This can happen if foot care is neglected and the skin loses its natural balance in lipids and moisture. So the dryness of the skin appears to cause it to crack in the heel area or the front of the tread. "
So take care of your feet with the complete bio bella shop for seamless heel heels.

1) Relax and stimulate your feet with the relaxing foot bath of salt crystals.
Salt crystals, made from natural unprocessed salt, are ideal for a therapeutic foot bath, as they help prevent varicose veins and varicose veins and legs.
They also work as natural, powerful antistatic and prevent cramps.


2) Remove the dead cells from your soles with natural lutein soap in 4 different fragrances
(cinnamon, jasmine, lemon, rose)


3) Then apply to your legs, bottom-up, the special leg-relaxing cream. Using these natural organic cosmetics, you will deeply hydrate your feet and relieve them from the feeling of swelling '' and weight caused by daily standing.


4) Soak your soles with Olivaloe Body Butter for Heels and Dry Dehydrated Skin.
Its composition, based on high quality moisturizers and nutrients such as avocado oil and flaxseed oil, allantoin, palm oil, vitamin E and provitamin B5, replenishes skin nutrients in the deeper layer as well as its natural stock in water and lipids, while providing softness and elasticity that lasts.


So, using the natural, organic cosmetics of, you will have a perfect result with velvet heels for the summer!



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