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5+1 tips for great beach style

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It is a fact that in summer time, all women find infinite defects in our appearance and get us overly stressed when we are going to be on the beach. Contrary to what most women think, we do not have to have model proportions to get out on the beach.
All that is needed is to avoid some stylish mistakes, which do not flatter us.
So see below 5 + 1 tips for great beach performances that will show off your strengths!

1.Precision to the Parent
The pens are very convenient and cool and maybe they hide some imperfections, but only if we wear them properly. If you have curves, tie the waist just above your waist, and if your silhouette is "one-piece," with no special curves, you prefer to tie it to your hips.
Extra tip: large and intense patterns should be avoided by women with curves and some extra pounds, while the best choice for small-breasted women are those with medium-sized designs.

2. Are you choosing the right swimsuit?

It does not matter whether it's full-length or bikini. You should take into account the following:
Vertical "cuts" lengthen the silhouette and weaken you.
- The tall swimsuit, make your legs look farther, adding visually a few centimeters to your height.
-The fringe or the ruffles at the bottom of the swimsuit give you volume. So choose these swimsuits only if you have narrow hips and open shoulders so you can achieve the symmetry you want ..
- If you have a more open circumference, you prefer a sultana patterned or flyer that draws attention to the top of your body rather than down.

3. Design and color play a role

The advice you need to follow is simple: dark colors are ideal to hide the imperfections you do not want to. Instead, if you want to add volume, wear light colors to the appropriate points. For example, the dark-colored laces at the bottom of the swimsuit will show off your silhouette and make it more feminine, while the light-colored swimsuit in the swimsuit and dark underwear is the ideal combination for women with a more open circumference, small chest and narrower shoulders.
Extra tip: Horizontal stripes add volume while vertical stripes slim down, just like in clothes.

4. Accessories make the difference on the beach

These small details can give you impeccable and unique style in a couple of moves. Choose a variety of accessories such as pink, light-colored beach bags, lightweight necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses. Remember, however, that you do not have to wear it all together. Two-three accessories are enough for a stunning look at the beach without being overly exaggerated.

5. The posture of the body
It may seem excessive to you, but the bad posture does not show your silhouette and can add you pounds! For example, when you lean forward and walk with your head on top. So straighten your back, put your chest in front and walk gently, in style and comfort.
Extra tip: a large towel will make you look more impossible if you want to take pictures while sunbathing.

6. Wear sandals or flip flops?

Fleece sandals can make your feet look smaller, so if you wear a large shoe size, you prefer them. You should avoid, however, the sandals with intense patterns, or the laces in the ankle area, because they will show your foot smaller.
Flip flops, on the other hand, lengthen legs and can make the ankle look thinner, so they are ideal for more tanned women.

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