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No more dehydrated hair !!

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No more dehydrated hair !!

Did you turn your vacation and your hair looks dull, dry and dehydrated?
Do not worry at all. There are 5 tips that bring back lost luster and liveliness to your hair.

1) Use a deep moisturizing shampoo for your hair
which will replenish their lost moisture and massage the scalp
of your head with the fingertips and not the nails.

2) After the shampoo, apply a conditioner to your hair
rinse with lukewarm water.

For extra care then hydrate them with a mask. Leave it for 10 minutes
before rinsing it with lukewarm water. Ideally close your hair with a towel

3) Use a hair care oil once a week.
Oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects hair from roots to edges
as it contains antioxidant oils that directly repair the hair.

4) Forget the hair dryer. Let your hair dry naturally.
Heat rains your hair and adds to dehydration

5) Enrich your diet with green vegetables, fruits, whole grains
and good fat contained in some foods.
All of these contain many vitamins, antioxidants and water to compensate for the body's lost moisture and help good hair skin health.

Particularly natural-organic products, which lack chemical additives and parabens, can substantially help in the reconstruction and repair of the scalp after summer.


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