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Eye and Lips ultra nourishing Serum

Posted by 02/10/2021 0 Comment(s) Body - Face,



Dry skin is characterized by a delicate and fragile appearance, which is clearly inelastic, dehydrated and has a dull tinge. In order to improve, adequate hydration is necessary to facilitate its plasticity and natural elasticity.

 AETERNA series and more specifically the deep moisturizing Serum for the eyes and lips, thanks to the active ingredients of Cuore Verde extra virgin olive oil, replenishes the lost moisture of the skin, resulting in immediate skin regeneration and hydration deep, maintaining the right epidermal moisture.

 It has a creamy texture and is applied locally to the eye area and around the lips morning and evening, before your morning and evening cream.




Deep Hydrating Serum Aeterna:

• Activates skin metabolism

• Strengthens the thin layer of lipids giving a more youthful look to the skin, thanks to its innovative spinning bead roller.

• Strengthens wrinkles quickly and effectively.

• It gives the skin a direct sense of softness and deep hydration that lasts.


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