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19+1 useful tips for the new school year

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"Back to School!

It's time for our little heroes to return to the warm embrace of school and learning. Some children are excited, some are anxious, and parents are overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

It's important to boost their self-confidence, make them feel secure, accepted, and help them return to school as smoothly as possible.

So, here are 19+1 useful tips!


  1. Inspire a love for learning in your child by encouraging them at every opportunity. Focus on the effort, and remember that results will come later.  

  2. It's important to choose your child's first school bag together, as this teaches them to evaluate and participate in decisions that concern them.

  3. Through their bag, children learn to 'guard' and 'transport' their personal belongings, becoming more responsible.

  4. A child's school bag should have straps and handles that allow it to fit perfectly on their body, making them feel comfortable.

  5. When the school bag has two or more compartments, children can organize their belongings more easily and function with greater organization.

  6. Agree with your child that their bag is their responsibility, and once they finish their homework, they should prepare it for the next day.

  7. Exercise has invaluable benefits for children as it helps them creatively channel their energy and learn the importance of self-discipline.

  8. The school bag should be emptied and cleaned at least once a week with a dry cloth. Your child should take care of this task.

  9. Children easily get bored with the same snacks. So, if they find a sandwich in their bag every day, they might prefer to give it away instead of eating it.

  10. Teenagers attending extra classes are better off having a smaller and lighter bag for practical reasons and to feel like they're doing something different from their school routine.

  11. Children tend to personalize their belongings (bags, pencil cases, etc.) with designs and other items. It's good not to interfere with this process.

  12. While they are still learning, children may write in large letters. Later, with more confidence, they will be able to write smaller.

  13. Painting with colors is vital for a child's development as it promotes creativity, imagination, and cognitive maturity.

  14. Encourage our children not to put too much pressure on their pencils and not to grip their hands too tightly when writing in their notebooks.

  15. When a child sees a 'mountain' of tasks ahead and procrastinates, encourage them to start with the easier ones first. This will give them more self-confidence that they can do it.

  16. It's essential to have a large clock with hands on your child's desk so they can have a good sense of time during their study sessions.

  17. Your child's study space should be simple and uncluttered, without unnecessary decorations and colorful distractions that divert their attention.

  18. Create a stable study area for your child at home. This will help them perform better and concentrate more easily.

  19. When studying, your child should sit on an ergonomic chair that ensures the correct posture.

  20. Children should clean their desks daily, removing papers and other objects. A clean desk is the secret to a 'clear' mind.

  21. It's important to say 'well done' to your child when they finish their reading, as it reinforces the sense of satisfaction from the process.

So, keeping these in mind, remember that the most important thing is to have happy children... everything else will follow.

Have a great school year!

Source: Agni Mariakaki, Psychologist-Social Researcher natural-organic cosmetics"


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