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Give your skin the Hydration it deserves

Posted by 15/09/2023 0 Comment(s) Body - Face,




By saying goodbye in  summer and welcoming autumn, our skin may look tired as it has lost the glow of summer ... But if you give your skin, the moisture it needs, the dull and dehydrated look will be  past.

Reinforcing its hydration, we naturally reinforce its defensive system, making it look healthy and gentle regardless of the time  or age.

Besides, hydrating the face is something that affects men and women equally, as our skin over time loses the ability to maintain the necessary moisture levels and hence proper hydration.

That's why we give you 5 + 1 Tips below for a highly effective hydration strategy!
Besides, who does not want a shiny and healthy skin;


1. Use products that love water

Using a thick, super rich cream is not always the solution when your skin is in severe need of moisture and is dehydrated.
 What it requires: water-attracting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, a super hydrating agent that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. In addition, prefer those creams that prevent evaporation of moisture, keeping water in your skin more Use a light cream that can add and lock moisture to your skin at the same time.

2. Prefer foods that are rich in water

Foods containing mainly water can be just as moisturizing for your body (and skin) as drinking H2O. Put on fruits and vegetables such as berries, plums, peaches, cucumbers, celery, peppers and lettuce all day long.


3. Face mask

When your skin is too dry, use a thickened mask 2 with 3 times a week. This results in the opening of the skin pores, preparing it properly to "get" the nutritious moisturizing ingredients that you will offer.
This will restore the balance of your skin as you achieve greater and deeper hydration on your face.

4. Do not forget about exfoliating!

 There is the case that your skin may not absorb the moisturizing substances contained in moisturizing creams .. "Peeling is the key to removing dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin, which can prevent skin care ingredients from doing their job. "
So it is necessary 1 to 2 times a week to use a mild exfoliating product that will remove the dead cells of your skin and allow your moisturizer to penetrate into your skin by moisturizing it in depth.

5. Drink plenty of water

You already know it. Eight glasses of water will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
Besides, the body's hydration starts from the inside out.
Combined with the right diet, your skin will shine again!


6. The 10-Minute Rule

The 10 minutes after you have cleansed your face and removed the makeup is literally '10 Golden Minutes'.
This is the ideal time to hydrate your skin in depth and absorb all those nutrients of face cream and serum that you will apply to it.

Take care of yourself as it deserves, using natural-biological products of deep hydration and the result will reward you!

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