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After Christmas holidays, time to detox

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After the holidays, it's time for detoxification. It's time to get rid of toxins from your body, get back to a normal diet and restore your body to your daily routine.

During the holidays, excessive alcohol consumption, oily foods and sweets, as well as the unstable time we eat in our diet, are deregulating our body, resulting in a sense of "swelling" and retention, as well as overweight several times.

The detoxification of our organization, therefore, is the necessary physiological process to follow.

Our Dietologist-Nutritionist, Apostolis Theocharous, gives us his valuable advice. We suggest the following diet, which you can follow in order to achieve the necessary detoxification after the holiday season.





Drink a glass of juice or a fruit and drink a glass of milk or eat two slices of cheese for toast along with two toast or two tablespoons of breakfast cereal and eat a honeymoon or a tortoise (31-1 / 1)



Drink a glass of fruit juice and eat a fruit



Before lunch, eat a fruit and then eat a large salad with a spoonful of olive oil and combine your salad with:

· 28/12 150 grams roast or boiled fish

· 29/12 1 ½ cup of rice mixed with mixed vegetables and 50 grams of cheese 30/12 One serving of lentils

· 31/12, 1/1 One portion of turkey or meat along with 3-4 potatoes, a piece of pie, two tablespoons of rice (turkey stuffing)



Drink a glass of fruit juice and eat a fruit.



A fruit salad and a yoghurt or a salad with 50 grams. feta cheese or a salad with an egg or a nut together with two tomatoes, one tablespoon oil and 50 grams cheese

Drink 6-8 glasses of water or tea daily.


Follow our Dietologist's advice and soon your body will return to its normal pace. If you combine the above tips with exercise or a little walk, the results will be instantly !!


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