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5 natural ways to "clean" the air of your home

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5 natural ways to "clean" the air of your home


We have the impression that by closing the door and the windows of our house, we leave out the dirt and dust that burden the environment. The reality, however, is very different. Recent research on the air quality we breathe showed that air in the home and workplace is usually 3-4 times more burdensome than the outside atmosphere.

Carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, toxic volatile compounds (VOC) from the synthetic and chemical materials surrounding us, detergents, but also various appliances, heaters, mites, mold and dust are some of the most important factors responsible for increased internal pollution rates. Now in the winter, when the problem gets worse and we spend most of the day in, it's important to know in what simple and natural ways we can "clean" the air of the house, which we breathe 12 times a minute!


Start air again!

Whichever alternative we use to improve the quality of air at home, the first basic rule necessarily implies its frequent renewal. Particularly now that oil prices are soaring and as conscientious protectors of the environment and ... of our pocket maybe we hesitate to air frequently, we must not forget how important this is. If it is too cold and we want to avoid energy waste, we can air for a five-minute period several times a day. So, the air is renewed, but they do not prevent the walls from freezing. When a higher temperature prevails, we can ventilate the house for 30 minutes, 1-2 times a day, to destroy the mites and evaporate moisture.



"Exhaust" the air with essential oils

A recent study by the French Pharmacology Research Institute has scientifically confirmed the ancient knowledge about the antibacterial action of certain essential oils, which are offered to disinfect and naturally flavor your space.

More active for this purpose are rosemary, mint, citrus, lavender, cedar, cypress and eucalyptus. Do not burn them, though. Sprinkle and sanitize your space by putting a few drops of natural material pouches or spreading them in water and sprinkling your home several times during the day.


Beware the candles!


Although it is considered one of the most common ways to combat cigarette smoke and unpleasant smells, we have to choose the right ones, otherwise, instead of cleaning the atmosphere, we burden it. Do not trust candles that smell intense even when they are not lit and you choose candles exclusively from natural materials (eg beeswax) and certified pure essential oils.


Plants, natural filters


The theory that plants, as filters of toxic substances, play an important role in air purification in enclosed spaces was first formulated in 1989 by NASA. Since then, it has become commonplace that some plants, such as ivy, Benjamin, draka, and chlorophyll reduce the existence of toxic volatile pollutants in the atmosphere. In addition, during the day, all plants function as natural ionizers: they bind carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Of course, it stops at night, so we have to get them out, at least from the bedroom.


Herbs that "clean" the air

Among herbs, you will not find better "cleaners" of sage, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint. Put them as an infusion into the bucket you are mopping or in a pouch next to the fireplace or the radiator.


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