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Set up your everyday life with 12 simple little habits

Posted by 01/09/2023 0 Comment(s) Health - Well Being,




Set up your everyday life with 12 simple little habits. 12 small steps to help you to see the world differently.


1. Drink water

Yes, there may be a clue that this suggestion is on the list, but proper hydration is important for your health.


2. Get away from work / home

This will make you walk a little bit longer and especially if you do not exercise at all, this little habit will make a difference!


3. Read

Good series and movies, but we have forgotten to read and concentrate on just one job (and that's why we owe our overexposure to social media).


4. Eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day

Vegetable fibers that have fruits and vegetables are extremely important for the smooth functioning of your body. They also strengthen the digestive system while they are filled with vitamins and trace elements.


5. Solve crossword puzzles

Crosswords, sudoku, puzzles and puzzles will greatly help your memory.


6. Meditate

If the idea of ​​meditation seems funny to you, try at least to sit down a few minutes of the day without doing anything. Shut down your mobile, laptop and music and listen only to your thoughts. You will relax incredibly.


7. Love yourself

Ok, this is not done overnight, but you can take small steps at a time. Stop thinking of being tough with you and give yourself a few credits each time you complete a task.

Choose natural-organic products for your daily care that respect the environment and do not burden your body with chemical additives and parabens.


8. Close notifications when you work

Good multitasking, but you can not do it for a long time without having a stroke. Try most of the days to silence the cellphone and watch only what is useful to your job.


9. Get your friends / relatives a call

The chat has saved a lot of people and has taken us many times from the inconvenient position to talk on the phone with someone we do not like very much. A phone, however, to your hooker who gets hard to work is not compared to a short mail, so try once a week to talk instead of exchanging gif to the messenger.


10. Do not throw rubbish down

I think I do not have to explain why we should not throw rubbish down and recycle.


11. Speak politely

We are all anxious, we all have problems (big or small does not matter) but talking sharply and badly does not help the situation. Take a deep breath and speak beautiful and polite and you will see the difference in your own psychology as well as your interlocutor.


12. Save money

There is no need to put a crazy amount on the edge - even a piggy bank to pick up the small ones that you will use in the metro tickets will make the difference in your everyday life.

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