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Welcome Spring

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By saying goodbye to the winter and welcoming in the spring, our face needs to regain its lost luster and revitalize, renew.

Just as we do with our wardrobes, throwing out old clothes and refreshing our wardrobe, so we have to do with our cosmetics. For this:
• Check the end dates and get rid of the old makeup brushes that have become tough because they no longer have to touch your face.

• And follow these steps if you want your face to be ready to welcome spring, bright, shiny & refreshed!


To restore healthy shine to your skin, it is necessary to exfoliate it to get rid of dead cells. This process keeps your skin properly hydrated because exfoliation allows the moisturizing elements to be absorbed by the skin. Finally, there is a clear difference as the texture of your skin is smoothed. In winter, you may not have understood what is happening to your skin under all these heavy clothes as your skin was permanently covered. Exit now to get rid of this heavy mattress and regenerate.



As the temperature rises around us, so the sweat that produces our body increases. This means that dense and heavy moisturizing creams we use in the winter are no longer appropriate, as the higher temperatures added along with these moisturizing creams result in increased skin grease, which means more clogged pores and acne.
 You may also notice that as you sweat, you will feel your makeup go on your face. This is a sign that the moisturizing cream you use is too much ¨Back



This antioxidant has unique properties that can help strengthen your skin's skin allergens, inflammation, and any cell damage from free radicals that are caused by your skin as a result of smoking, environmental causes, and excessive sun exposure.
With the added help of Vitamin C in your spring skin care, you can benefit from protecting the skin cells and the supporting structure from damage associated with UV radiation.
In addition, your skin will increase collagen production, which in turn maintains and provides stability and elasticity to the structure of your skin.



With more sunny days, you are exposed to the sun much more often and after a heavy winter with coat and scarf, we can expect some negative effects on the appearance of our skin. That's why we recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30 and added antioxidants to prevent UV radiation, and to protect your skin from premature aging.


 Here at Biobella we promise to take care of your skin whether it's through our innovative products or through the "power" of our blog articles.
But in any way, with a hand of help from us and our natural-organic products, you can be sure that you will be well protected not only on sunny days but every day.

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