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5+1 ways to get relieved from sun burned

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You begged it a little under the sun, did not apply the tips to protect it from minor burns and minor discomfort.


So what to do to relieve:

1) Frequently cool baths and showers. Gently dry your skin and leave it slightly moist. Then apply aqueous cream / emulsion.


2) Use aloe vera cream.


3) Take a painkiller (aspirin, paracetamol)


4) Drink plenty of water


5) If you have blisters let them heal, do not break them as they protect against contamination.


6) Get special protection for your skin. Not only sunscreen, avoid direct sun exposure, but also protection with dense weave clothing that does not let the sun go through. Keep the garment against the sun and you should not see light passing by.


Remember: The burn is occasional, but the damage it caused is cumulative!

Prefer natural-biological products that work in harmony with the functions of your body, as they are made just like your body, of course!

They also contain no organic-synthetic artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients, silicone, paraffins and mineral oils.

Dimitris Kapetanakis
Dermatologist-Nos. HEALTH




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