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4 + 1 tips for soft hands

Posted by 01/04/2021 0 Comment(s) Body - Face,
Hand hygiene is vital to protecting ourselves from contagious pathogens.

The skin of the hands, however, is very sensitive and as it is constantly exposed to everything, the weather, the detergents, the water, the frequent washing and the antiseptic that you use at this time, it needs special care.

So, we give you below 4 + 1 useful tips, to protect your hands.

1. Peel often.

Like your body, your hands need exfoliation. You can use the peeling used for your body or make your own.Simply mix in a bowl a little salt and 3 tablespoons of lukewarm milk and gently massage. Then rinse your hands with lukewarm water and apply your hand cream.

2. Prefer a natural-organic hand cream, which does not contain chemical additives & parabens.

Organic aloe vera, olive oil, green tea, shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter, are particularly moisturizing ingredients that protect the skin of the hands from harsh conditions and the wear and tear of time.

3. Use lukewarm water to wash your hands.

Cold water can make the problem worse.

4. When doing chores at home, always wear gloves.

Detergents, which contain chemicals, in combination with pollutants, can cause eczema and various skin problems on the hands.

5. Finally, during the night sleep, apply a rich layer of cream on your hands and wear a pair of cotton gloves. In the morning your hands will be like velvet!

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