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Officina Naturae

Who we are

''You will realize that our raw materials are always of vegetable or mineral origin, never of petrochemical origin, they are possibly organic and from a short supply chain and comply with the cruelty free standard.

We certainly don't think about what consumers want or about their skin when we design a new product: we think about the absolute best product that we could use for ourselves, for our children and for our home!

We do not feel the need to specify that "we use plant extracts": because it is obvious for us to do so, we only use those and what Mother Nature provides us continuously.

We do not pretend to be green and happy, we are always angry with those who do the "ecofurbo"!

We do not test on animals, this is true and we can say it with extreme sincerity, we have never done it!''

Officina naturae makes cosmetics 100% organic with natural ingredients,  hand-made by Nature.


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Officina Naturae natural pets insect repellent

Officina Naturae natural pets insect repellentThe pioneering, protective, insect repellent lotion Of..

14.90€ Ex Tax: 12.02€

Officina Naturae pets natural shampoo

Officina Naturae pets natural shampooGentle and neutral, natural shampoo for pets Officina Naturae D..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.79€