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Essential oils are widely used in Aromatherapy. Oils come from different parts of plants. They are mixed with oil, lotion or alcohol and then used on the skin, sprayed in the area or inhaled.

Essential oils are claimed to interact with the various hormones and enzymes of the human body and cause changes in body functions and blood pressure.

Their use in Aromatherapy helps to fight stress as well as to treat conditions such as insomnia, depression, muscle aches, hypertension and infections.

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Basil Essential oil

Basil Essential oilI.N.C.I. Name: Azadirachtin indicaNeem oil has anti-infective, anti-inflammatory ..

4.90€ Ex Tax: 3.95€

Citronella Essential Oil

 Citronella Essential OilCitronella essential oil comes from the common name of the plant Cymbo..

3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.82€

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential OilGrapefruit essential oil comes from cold pressing the skin of its fruit and ..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€

Katzeput Essential Oil

Katzeput Essential OilCajeput, also known as White Tea Tree (Melaleuca Cajuputi), is an evergreen me..

4.90€ Ex Tax: 3.95€

Laurel Essential Oil

Laurel essential oilLaurel essential oil is an aromatic miracle from nature. With its subtle..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential OilAromatic oil Rose of cosmetic effect with a wonderful sweet floral and tonic aroma..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€

Tea Tree Essential Oil

 Tea Tree  Essential OilTea tree essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.63€

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla  Essential OilAromatic oil Vanilla cosmetic action with a wonderful sweet aroma. Suitab..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€

Air Freshener Yoga Mat Spray Primavera

Air Freshener Yoga Mat Spray  PrimaveraThe new Primavera Yoga Sprinkler Organic Spray helps you..

12.90€ Ex Tax: 10.40€

Box starter kit set 4 essential oils

Box starter kit set 4 essential oilsSet of 4 Essential Oils of 10ml:     - Lavender E..

17.30€ Ex Tax: 13.95€

Camphor essential oil

Camphor essential oilThe essential oil from Ho Wood comes from the plant with the common name Cinnam..

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.23€

Cedar essential oil

Cedar essential oilAtlas cedar essential oil (Cedarwood Atlas or Atlantica) comes from the processin..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon Essential OilCinnamon essential oil (leaves) has a warm, spicy aroma that stimulates the se..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil Clove essential oil can be extracted from the leaves, stem and buds of the plant..

3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.82€

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress Essential OilCypress essential oil is one of the most aromatic and beneficial essentia..

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.44€