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Want skin soft as silk, shiny, youthful? Do you want skin free of severe dry health problems that radiate health?

Then you only have to choose one of the body butter . Specially designed to restore and lock the lost moisture on your skin, our high quality products deeply soften, soften and protect your precious skin.

You do not need to use them only in problematic areas of your body. as body butter are incredibly effective in adding the necessary moisture to your skin cells throughout the body for an ultimate end result.

Based on organic and natural ingredients, organic and natural cosmetics can meet your every need for a luxurious experience in body care and care.

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Aloe Vera Body Butter

Olivaloe body butter with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, green tea, rise oil, shea butter, vi..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.79€

Avocado & Argan Oil Body Butter

Avocado & Argan Oil Body ButterBody butter for deep hydration of the skin. With organic olive oi..

17.60€ 8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.10€

Body Butter for Dry & Cracked Skin

A special and unique body butter by Olivaloe with organic olive oil and organic aloe vera, suitable ..

13.90€ Ex Tax: 11.21€

Rich body butter GRN essential elements

Rich body butter GRN essential elementsGRN Body Butter of rich care with shea butter   1.&..

14.90€ Ex Tax: 12.02€

Sensitive skin body butter

Sensitive skin body butterBody butter for sensitive skin organic olive oil 0.2 which helps to regene..

17.60€ 8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.10€