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Want skin soft as silk, shiny, youthful? Do you want skin free of severe dry health problems that radiate health?

Then you only have to choose one of the body creams or lotions. Specially designed to restore and lock the lost moisture on your skin, our high quality products deeply soften, soften and protect your precious skin.

You do not need to use them only in problematic areas of your body. as lotions - body creams are incredibly effective in adding the necessary moisture to your skin cells throughout the body for an ultimate end result.

Based on organic and natural ingredients, organic and natural cosmetics can meet your every need for a luxurious experience in body care and care.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel 99% bioactive with organic olive oil, calendula and chamomile.  The combined acti..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€

Body Cream against Stretch Marks

Body Cream against Stretch MarksOrganic beeswax, balm, calendula and almond oil contained in this cr..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€

Body cream, Beauty Awards 2013

Body cream, Beauty Awards 2013. With organic nightlife and organic jojoba.Skin protection and hydrat..

13.90€ Ex Tax: 11.21€

Body Lotion

Olivaloe body lotion with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera and allantoin, which hydrate the body..

8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.10€

Body Lotion for sensitive skin

Body Lotion for sensitive skinBody lotion for deep hydration, ideal for sensitive skin, with organic..

12.00€ 6.00€ Ex Tax: 4.84€

Body Lotion shea butter

Body Lotion shea butterBody lotion with wonderful Carite aroma. Moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenat..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Body lotion wild musk

Body lotion wild muskBody lotion with powder aroma, the wonderful timeless aroma of wild musk. Moist..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Body Milk

Body Lotion with Organic Olive Oil, Organic Aloe, Green Tea, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Provitamin B..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€

Body Oil

Body OilThe combination of these valuable herbal oils nourishes and softens the skin, providing it w..

12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.68€

Body Reconstruction Emulsion Cream

Body Reconstruction Emulsion Cream with Organic Cranberry and Organic Argan Oil. It nourishes deep d..

10.80€ 9.80€ Ex Tax: 7.90€

Firming Body Lotion Abeauty

Firming Body LotionGentle after-bath lotion for the body. It softens the skin and treats all skin im..

38.00€ Ex Tax: 30.65€

Honey-Hemp Body Lotion GRN essential elements

Honey-Hemp  Body Lotion GRN essential elementsGRN Body Lotion daily care with honey & hemp&..

11.90€ Ex Tax: 9.60€

Hydra-Regenerating Body Fluid

Hydra-Regenerating Body FluidBased on Wild Orchid, Hibiscus and Ginseng.Providing a light texture ..

65.00€ Ex Tax: 52.42€

Nourishing body cream

Nourishing body creamA fragrant and super nourishing cream thanks to Spello flowers. It gives elasti..

14.90€ Ex Tax: 12.02€

Nourishing Body Lotion Abeauty

Nourishing Body LotionHighly moisturising and elasticising body lotion.An after-bath cream that le..

28.00€ Ex Tax: 22.58€