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Shower Gels - Body - Beauty Products - Natural Organic Cosmetics

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Body Cream Rejuvenation Shower Gel

  Body  cream rejuvenation shower gel• With organic cranberry and organic argan oil• ..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Body Wash, Organic Wild Rose

 Lavera Body Wash Pampering Organic Rose leaves your body skin velvety soft, while  gently..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Lavender Shower Gel

For all skin types Moisturizes and protects your skin while its emollient formula, enriched with Lav..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Argan Oil Shower Gel

For all skin types. Formulated with a unique blend of 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. Is a rich sou..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Basis Shampoo & Shower Gel with Algae Extracts

Basis Shampoo & Shower gel with algae extractsFor body & hairIndulge in the gifts of nature...

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Donkey Milk Foam Bath

For all skin types. Donkey Milk rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D  & E, it is an excelle..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Gold 24k Shower Gel

For all skin types. For centuries, people have adored the feeling of gold against the skin. Gold has..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Nourishing Bath Abeauty

Nourishing BathBath foam rich in nourishing active ingredients that is particularly suited to dry, d..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.10€

Olivolio Himalayan Salt Shower Gel

Olivolio Himalayan Salt Shower GelFor all skin typesFormulated with Himalayan Pink Salt  has be..

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

Organic Coconut & Vanilla Exotic Body Wash

Lavera Organic Body Wash with the exotic fragrance of velvety organic coconut and delicious organic ..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Organic Foam Bath with Lavera Moss

Lavera's new Charming Blossom Shower Gel enchants the senses with its floral scent  from organi..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Refreshing Body Wash, Organic Lime

Lavera Refreshing Body Wash with organic lime and verbena.It contains  mild cleansing ingredien..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Relaxing Bath Abeauty

Relaxing BathExtraordinary product with a base of active ingredients derived from the common grape v..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 14.52€

Revitalizing Body Wash Organic Orange-sea Buckthorn

Invigorate body and mind with this energizing cleanser. Fresh, fruity extracts of Organic Orange ..

5.90€ Ex Tax: 4.76€

Shampoo & Shower Gel Lavera Beauty Awards 2013

Shampoo & Shower Gel Lavera Beauty Awards 2013 For hair and body. Extremely gentle care especial..

8.90€ Ex Tax: 7.18€