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Acne is the most common disease in adolescence, but often occurs in adulthood.

It is caused by sebaceous gland over-activity, which leads to excessive secretion of sebum resulting in local inflammation.

At, you will find all those organic natural cosmetics and beauty products that are indispensable for direct treatment.

Besides, our skin is as unique as we are.

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Active Dermo-cleansing Face cream Abeauty

Active Dermo-cleansing Face cream AbeautyA light cream that is absorbed immediately, with extracts o..

85.00€ Ex Tax: 68.55€

Balancing Face Serum Abeauty

Balancing Face SerumA gel rich in purifying and astringent ingredients combining extracts of Thist..

67.00€ Ex Tax: 54.03€

Beeswax cream against Face Pimples-Against Acne

Beeswax cream against Face Pimples-Against AcneCreams, which have as their main ingredient bee wax, ..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 6.85€

Daily Purifying Cleaner Abeauty

Daily Purifying CleanerA gentle formulation that cleanses and hydrates the skin. Deep cleaning, an..

49.00€ Ex Tax: 39.52€

Face Cleansing Sponge Konjac-Against Acne

Face Cleansing Sponge KonjacThe ultra-slim Benecos Konjac Cleanser Sponge, is ideal for gentle but e..

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.66€

Face cream for sensitive and irritated skin with acne

Face cream for sensitive and irritated skin with organic olive, organic aloe, beeswax, propolis tinc..

18.00€ Ex Tax: 14.52€

Mineralizing Detox Peeling Abeauty

Mineralizing Detox Peeling Abeauty An ideal treatment to regenerate dull and lifeless skin. In ..

72.50€ Ex Tax: 58.47€

Moisturizing Face Cream to tighten pores

Moisturizing face cream for tightening pores with organic mint and organic burdock. For oily and acn..

13.50€ Ex Tax: 10.89€

SOS Blemish Control Mint

SOS Blemish Control. Defect remover. For a cleaner skin. Minimizes black spots and discolorations. S..

8.50€ Ex Tax: 6.85€

Teatree Cleaning Foam & De-make up

Teatree Cleaning Foam & De-make upGentle creamy cleansing foam for effective and deep cleansing ..

7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€