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Natural - Organic Anti-Aging Cosmetics - Anti-Aging Beauty Products

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Over time, the first wrinkles appear on our face.

The skin loses its firmness, relaxation, discoloration and blurring.

Collagen production is declining considerably over time and our face loses its youthful appearance.

  At, you will find all those organic natural cosmetics and beauty products that are essential for the immediate treatment of aging skin, wrinkles and relaxation.

Besides, our skin is as unique as we are.

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24h Firming Cream

24h Firming Cream24-hour face and neck cream for firming and hydration. It is delicate, cool, soft w..

44.00€ 39.60€ Ex Tax: 31.94€

Anti-wrinkle & Nourishing Night Cream

Antiwrinkle and nourishing night cream with a unique combination of amino acids and royal jelly.Its ..

20.90€ Ex Tax: 16.85€

Antiaging Face Cream for all types

Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Day CreamYour morning beauty routine should start with a rich anti-wrinkle c..

28.00€ 14.00€ Ex Tax: 11.29€

Argital face line antiwrinkle cream

Argital face line antiwrinkle creamOrganic anti-wrinkle face cream, with green Clay, with strong ant..

21.90€ Ex Tax: 17.66€

Face Lifting Cream

Face Lifting Cream with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera, allantoin and vitamin E.Fortified with..

23.90€ Ex Tax: 19.27€

Firming Day Cream

Firming Day CreamDiscover the secret behind lavera's aristocratic face treatment for mature skin. In..

21.90€ Ex Tax: 17.66€

Firming Night Cream with hyaluroniques acides & Karanja Oil

It tightens your skin while you sleep. For a feeling of rejuvenation in the morning: the Nourishing ..

22.50€ 21.50€ Ex Tax: 17.34€

Natural Face Botox

Natural Face BotoxCreams, which have as their main ingredient bee wax, are a separate class of cosme..

18.90€ Ex Tax: 15.24€

Overnight Night Cream with Organic Cranberry and Organic Argan Oil for Mature Skin 40+

Overnight night Cream with Organic Cranberry and Organic Argan Oil for Mature Skin 40+ Rec..

21.90€ Ex Tax: 17.67€

Regenerating Wrinkle Face Cream Abeauty

Regenerating Wrinkle Face Cream AbeautyAn intense rejuvenating treatment that gives the skin a smoot..

120.00€ Ex Tax: 96.77€

Vitamin C Day Cream

Day Cream with Natural Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin CThe Glow By Nature day cream from lavera renews..

22.90€ 20.61€ Ex Tax: 16.62€