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The personal data are protected in Greece by Law 2472/1997, (as to date has been amended and supplemented by Laws younger) and the relevant EU Directives.

The following settings, for personal data, regarding either the connection of our site to visitors - users - members or third parties personal data.

Both sides, ie our website, and visitors - users - members are required to comply strictly with the relevant legislation, in particular the conditions of collection, processing, use of personal data, with the following specific settings:

Our website collects only the personal data of visitors - members enrolled in our services or using our services when visiting its pages, and for this reason, it is a statement for keeping file before the competent Authority.

During recording of the visitor - user on our website, sought the following, regardless of whether these are personal data, namely: name, surname, father's name, Mother's name, address, occupation, date of birth, email. To the file of those elements will become legal manipulation by our website, and compliance will be communicated officially. The above items are considered by both sides required and necessary for the cooperation of our website by its users - our members, who additionally consent to the creation of this file, data collection, processing etc.

Our website undertakes the obligation of non-disclosure of such information for any commercial, promotional, communication etc., purpose.

The visitor-user in case of change of data, must immediately notify the secretariat of our website.

Exceptionally, our website is entitled to disclose the above information or personal information to colleagues or fellow guests - members, as long as this is absolutely necessary to meet the relevant requirements of the members - users, without being required whenever consent of the parties, which from now taken for granted.


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Cookies are small files (text files), which is sent and stored on the computer of the user / subscriber, allowing sites like to operate smoothly and without defects, allow the collection of multiple choices of user / subscriber , and the user / subscriber identification and facilitate their access to the website, and also collect data to improve the content of the website.

Cookies do not cause damage to computer users and the files kept on them. The Company uses Cookies to provide users / subscribers to process information and services provided through the website.

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